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Welcome to Sacred Space by Seven Stone

"A sense of the sacred is a way to invite love, beauty, and meaning into our lives. We don't need to discover meaning – we are the universe's meaning-makers. Before any outward ritual acts or movements of the body, we observe sacred moments or places first within."
-The Spiritual Naturalist Society


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Reiki with Amanda

Amanda, Georgia born and raised, has always appreciated the metaphysical world. She grew up around crystals and gem shows and has always been invited to step into her intuitive , free-flowing, adventurous ways. Seeking and indicating that she wanted to elevate into something more, the realm of energy healing found its way to her!

 Amanda is currently Usui Holy Fire® Reiki I & II certified. She continues to implement the Reiki Principles into her life and seeks to learn more everyday. She loves using oracle cards and exploring the astral realm along side and during her sessions.

What is Reiki? "Rei" can be understood as 'universal' & "Ki" is 'life-energy'.  Reiki practitioners become vessels for this energy and assist in the flow of the healing journey. The  spiritually conscious part of this life energy offers love and compassion and guides itself to strengthen depleted energy centers of ourselves. 

Reiki Practitioner 


Reiki Healing


"There's something more than what our eyes can see, I want to be able to experience these points and allow others to come along on the journey of discovery"

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Kendall is a yogini and certified Thai Bodyworker, who is passionate about creating safe, intentional spaces for others to soften and into the heart.  She is here to guide you in the dance of finding harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.

So, what is bodywork?
As souls having a physical experience, emotional storage is innately linked to the body. When we go into the body, we can move and release blocked energy-- helping you to feel more free and open to the flow of life. The more space we create within our physical vessel, the more capacity we hold to move in presence and in purpose. 

The ancient art of Thai bodywork involves a full body combination of stretching, tractioning, deep tissue pressure, and acupressure- targeting multiple groups of muscle and joint at once. This form of bodywork is unique because breath and movement work in tandem with energy lines/ centers of the body, to unlock and release trapped energy.

In a session with Kendall you can expect to go on a journey through the body, dialing down the mind, and releasing all that no longer serves you. Sessions are on a mat on the floor, fully clothed, and can include sound healing / aromatherapy. 

bodywork & healing arts

Thai Bodywork with Kendall


thai bodywork

yoga classes

sonic healing

taurus,  free spirit with a rooted soul, artist,  musician, world traveler , lover, wildflower in the sun, in awe of the mystery 

cacao & song circles

murals, paintings, tattoo

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"Kendall’s Thai massage was so loving, like receiving healing from a wise grandmother. I felt so energized after our session, yet relaxed and calm. It was a unique result compared to spa and sports massage because Kendall uses her whole body and incorporates organic movement/stretches for a more natural release instead of just working against the knots."
- Client Testimonial 

Outside of bodywork, Kendall is a freelance visual artist,  budding tattooist,  singer-songwriter, gatherer of community, curator of sacred space, lover of travel, and steward of nature. 

In 2018 she went on a solo backpacking trip to SE Asia, where she discovered mural painting.
At the start of 2021 she went full-time into the unfolding artist path. The more embodied her own healing became, the more she felt called to find a bridge between visual art and movement arts-- experiencing  both as a powerful salve to the soul, in their own rights. At the end 2023 she did her 200hr yoga teacher training in a spiritual community in Guatemala. She went back and lived in the community for several months, opening many new doors including learning intentional/ceremonial tattooing.. After returning to Georgia, Kendall experienced an ever deeper shift into the world of the healing practitioner and space holder. She completed her Thai bodywork certification in Blue Ridge last year, and shortly after connected with Seven Stone Collective  as a homebase to practice out of. 

Kendall is also the creator of "BoundlesSoul Studios", a brand to house all her intersecting passions within the healing arts. Check out her website here. Outside of Sacred Space and the art studio, you can find Kendall holding cacao and medicine song circles, or live painting at music festivals and  ecstatic dances.


Molly is a certified health and wellness coach offering intuitive tarot readings and/or 12 week coaching packages to support weaving your dreams into reality.  A mystic by nature, she’s explored many avenues of healing and expansion, deepening her wisdom and opening her heart to more possibilities.

She holds many keys to unlock a reality where you follow your inner guidance and align with your highest timeline.  

Whether you’re just beginning your journey, or you’re deep within, her hand is here to gently guide you through sticky points along the way with creativity and joy.

With her readings you’ll receive the key insights you need to know yourself more deeply and honestly.

With her coaching you’ll attain lasting habit changes that support wherever your self and soul are willing and ready to go.

Molly offers practical insights steeped in universal wisdom to help open new doors and perspectives in your life.

If you’re looking for a space to feel seen, accepted, heard, and inspired, this is the place to go

Life Coaching with Molly


life coaching

smile services

Life COach / Gem & WHitening tooth fairy

part alien, mystical, magical living creator,
 galactic tooth fairy,  

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Kaley is an intuitive soul coach, energy healer, and spiritual teacher. She is passionate about guiding people back to wholeness by way of the heart. She works with many modalities in her practice including Reiki, Angelic Healing, Christ Consciousness, sound healing, breathwork, and oracle card readings. She meets each session with an open heart and serves as an open vessel to support her clients in the exact way their soul needs to be supported in that moment.
No two sessions are the same and every session is profoundly transformative in the best ways possible. Clients say that one healing session with Kaley is like months if not years of talk therapy. 

She is a student of psychology. A seeker of truth. A believer in the light that we all are. She draws inspiration and guidance from her own heart wisdom, the divine feminine, nature, and knowledge of the human psyche, goddess archetypes, and business. She is part artist, part scientist, part cosmic dancer. Weaving all of these elements together along with her passions of creating art and helping people, Kaley birthed her healing practice to empower women to be who they came here to be, alchemized by the power of authentic human connection. 

intuitive soul coach & healer

Kaley's Soul Services


Energy Healing

Intuitive soul coaching

Oracle card readings


Monthly Moon healing circles

Handmade Reiki Jewelry

When Kaley had her first child she had been working tirelessly in Corporate America as an Advertising Director. Kaley’s career was her whole world until Chloe arrived. Chloe’s birth sparked an awakening in her that changed the course of her life–and in fact put her life back on divine course to remember her true purpose on Earth. She has since been on a journey of healing herself from all her childhood and past-life traumas so that she could step into her true mission work: to help people wake up to their consciousness and to heal their hearts so that they can be who they are meant to be in this life-time.

Her awakening has been a daily commitment to healing her own wounding, trauma, limiting beliefs, and societal conditioning. She has shape-shifted her inner world from one of anxiety, overwhelm and self-judgment to one of peace, joy, and fulfillment. This journey, combined with her intuitive gifts, energy healing modalities, and background in business and psychology gives her a unique perspective that she infuses into every coaching and healing experience she offers

Kaley is also the Founder and Designer of Honey + Quartz, a soulful statement jewelry brand that celebrates the connection between fashion, creative expression and healing.

"I am on a mission to guide as many people as possible back to their hearts in a way that restores them and helps them remember their true power in this world and beyond it. To connect you to your innate, beautiful light that wants to be woven throughout all facets of your life."

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As an Indigenous Practitioner, Herbalist, Naturalist, and advocate for Whole Health, Shannon provides  a unique wellness experience. Combining Native & Eastern philosophies to help work on finding root cause. Bio-individual protocols focus on Physical, Mental/Emotional, & Spirit.

Shannon's background in conventional medicine allows her to assist you in your wellness goals by combining traditional & conventional medicine.

Throughout her childhood she was taught to have a deep appreciation and respect for nature. As the chapters and layers of her life developed, that thread from childhood was braided into a tether for her future. Early on she connected deeply with the Earth and appreciated the relationship and sustenance the land provides us all.

Muscogee Knowledge was passed down to Shannon from her Great Grand Father and she's been honored to keep that flame alive. The light and lessons of her family’s farm and table instilled a deep curiosity about the chemistry that the Earth beautifully demonstrates.

indigenous & clinical herbalism

Shannon's Herbalism & Energy Work


herbal therapy

energy work / reiki tune up

earth protector, herbal sorceress, adventurer ,
medicine woman, wisdom keeper

qi gong

guided meditation

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