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Hi! We are Nikki & Francesca!

Owners - Besties - Creatives

We banned together and formed a team,
to make a commitment to our community,
to give in full good consciousness,
a dedicated space where they can come to fill the well spring of their lives.

Seven Stone Collective is a new and necessary concept built from the ground-up, by Georgia's very own grassroots entrepreneurs. You'll find its filled with the most beautiful locally sourced artists as well as their craft. Whether you're here to discover your stone-stylist-soul-mate, or the perfect ethically sourced products to maintain your inner and outer beauty, you will be sure to feel at home while you do it. After all, Home is where the Heart is. This is where the story of Seven Stone Collective begins and ends, in the Heart.

‘What we do at work and in life, is about so much more than hair and health, it's about the heart. The heart, as you know, is the well spring of life.’

With the highest trained, most-well rounded team of dedicated artists, their love of their craft will show itself as love for their clients. Seven Stone Collective will boast stylists with combined experience of over 80 years behind the chair, knowledge and training from around the globe, offering the techniques and services dedicated to integrity of hair and soul.

Meaning of the name, inspiration

Seven Stone came to the soul sisters during a creative brainstorming session. Being artists, they began doodling. Being sisters, they began talking...and laughing. ‘Seven came up because of it’s feeling of perfection, completion. We want that feeling in our space. It was paramount and an easy place to start.’
(‘we also are huge Seinfeld fans and had a great laugh at eachothers impressions of George Costanza’s baby name pick of “seven”, vowing to put a portrait of good old George somewhere in the salon, haha’)
At Seven Stone, We love hair, it’s our starting point to connect with people, it’s our passion and it is what it is about for us. With that, we want to provide more to you, because we feel we touch on so much more with you. So we decided to open it up as more of a collective. Involving in some way each, of the 7 chakras.

We hope your time sharing our space feels positive and relaxing, refreshing and balancing. We hope you feel like a Seven Stone. Rare, beautiful, and radiating positive vibes.

‘It is said to be one of the rarest combinations of crystals and minerals, and it is said to represents the universal brother & sisterhood of humanity. It’s energetic frequency is very high and positive. It is excellent for healing, balancing & energizing all 7 chakras. Which is why it inspired our space and our name.’

The Super Seven Stone Crystal, Sacred Seven Stone, Seven Stone.

‘We do very intentional work and we want to share all we can with our guests to allow them to find this balance.’

The function of the 7 chakras, is to spin and draw in energy to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health in balance. We feel it’s our responsibility as hair healers, artists, and people to share with you all we can to help obtain the best balance for your self. We feel when you are balanced, not only are you the best for your self, but the best for others.

‘We get in there, and we love it! We wanted to provide support for our clients as whole people, not just their physical hair and heads.’

‘I am so thankful to an industry that has taught me what hard work could produce, and how empowering it is to support and be supported by others in your community.’

She has worked on bridal teams, photo shoots, attended multiple color and cutting classes all over the south to keep her edge, so to speak. She specializes in lived-in blonde dimensional color, playing up
her clients natural beauty. Drawn to multi-tonal depth, she loves to create movement and shine in brunette looks.

‘My promise to my people, is to deliver the desired look to you while maintaining the integrity of your hair. Let’s raise our vibrations together and actualize a style that represents who you are!’

Formerly studying art in the 2d design world, Nikki found her creative spirit pulled to work on more 3 dimensional mediums. She started in the world of hair in 2013 and is supremely grateful to found a way to operate as an artist while helping her guests see themselves in the most beautiful light and colors. She loves making connections with her clients by visualizing and  producing the most stunning artwork on the most healthy canvases.

Owner, Embracer of the Abstract, Developer of Dreams, Modern Magick Woman, Hippie at Heart, Methodical Mess Maker, Dog Mom, Audio Book Slayer, Podcast Player, Vintage and Vinyl Collector

Nikki Williams Rodgers

‘My specialty is, you. I want to make each and every one of my beautiful people feel like the best version of themselves. I want to work with you to discover your most happy, healthy, obtainable,
maintainable (hair)self. I love aiding my clients in gradual progressions of their own personal style, co-working their dream into a wearable look. I feel my spirit driven purpose on this planet is to connect with as many people on my path as possible, and make their journey more balanced and beautiful, if I can.’

She has savored the experiences her prior movements in this world have brought her, as they have brought her here. Always yielding a hippie-heart for our planet, as well as the people inhabiting it she vows to support and utilize only ethically derived and ingredient conscious brands in order to share her craft. She understands the importance of bringing the best knowledge and insights to her guests in this regard and holds a responsibility to these standards. She has had the opportunity to use her craft to support local and global philanthropic endeavors and promises to do so her entire career.

"I am so grateful to have spent the time in the places I have."

As a natural born artist she has always seen the world in colors, and textures, and feelings. Grateful to uncover her passion for healthy hair(and the people connected to it)at a young age- Francesca proudly boasts over 14 very happy and fulfilling years under her belt in this very beautiful industry. During this time she has had the chance to connect with guests in a number of high end salons in Georgia, and serve on wonderful artistic teams, runways and in educational venues across the nation.


Francesca Martins De Castro

Best Friends with the same PASSIONS

‘Working together for the community with our important commitments to quality in every avenue, we break the mold and make a statement of loving locally.’

Nikki and Francesca met initially at their alma mater, Soda Salon in historic downtown roswell in 2015. They believe their connection in that studio of dedicated artists was divinely guided and they are so grateful. So grateful to remain inspired and in contact and in close friendships with their many talented coworkers over the years. Through these coworkingships have bloomed unstoppable connections. Nikki and Francesca realized earlier on they were ‘on the same wavelength’, and their vibe only grew from there. The two bonded over their old souls and love of jam bands, the good old days and an appreciation for vintage life, for camping and living on the river, being in nature, good music, good friends, knowing all the same movie lines. They bonded searching for aliens out west, hiking and soaking up power and strength that true friendships provide. They bonded over watching eachother love and lose and love again, and through their twenties and into their thirties. A powerful time for them to grow. A powerful time for friendship to grow, for which they both are grateful. They bonded through their love for hair, health and healing. They bonded to create a space to create that people love to create in. As they hold gratitude for all the places and spaces they’ve learned and served in this industry; a time came where they could no longer ignore their purpose to build something new and necessary- something of their own.
2020 gave them the inspiration to open a collective that encompasses all the best parts of their pasts while inspiring a brighter more beautiful future. What started as a girls night releasing frustrations and feelings of complacency, turned into an ambitious flow of ideas that aligned more with these two soul sisters. As they embarked together on this journey, they encountered ‘yes’ after ‘yes’ and held tight to these affirmations as they pushed through the weirdest year of uncertainty. And thus, they created Seven Stone Collective, a place of sustainable certainty.

Nikki and Fran Story

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

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