Beauty and Well Being

Seven Stone Collective

After this Revelation, we banned together and formed a team, to make a commitment to our community, to give in full good consciousness - a dedicated space where they can come to fill the well-spring of their lives.

The stylists of Seven Stone met initially and over the years through their love for hair & health. As time went on and they became closer to each other, and closer to discovering their truest happiest selves, they started to have the same revelation: What we do at work and in life, is about so much more than hair and health, it's about the heart. The heart, as you know, is the well spring of life. 

Seven Stone Collective is a new and necessary concept built from the ground-up by Georgia's very own grassroot entrepreneurs. You'll find its filled with the most beautiful locally sourced artists as well as their craft. Whether you're here to discover your stone-stylist-soul-mate or the perfect ethically sourced products to maintain your inner and outer beauty, you will be sure to feel at home while you do it. After all, Home is where the Heart is. This is where the story of Seven Stone Collective begins and ends, in the Heart. 

Welcome to our space. We hope you like it here. Here you'll find the answer to all your beauty and well being needs and you won't have to question if the answer is right- We have already done that for you. 

With all the craft mastery, and socially-conscious badassery ... in the world

Here to Fulfill your Beauty And Well Being Needs

Meet Us! xo

Nikki and Francesca met initially at their alma mater, Soda Salon, in historic downtown Roswell in 2015. They believe their connection in that studio of dedicated artists was divinely guided and they are so grateful. So grateful to remain inspired,  in contact and in close friendships with their many talented coworkers over the years. These co-workingships have bloomed unstoppable connections. Nikki and Francesca realized early on they were ‘on the same wavelength’ and their vibe only grew from there. The two bonded over their old souls, their love of jam bands, the good old days and an appreciation for vintage life. Their bond continues over their appreciation of camping, living on the river, being in nature, good music, good friends, and even knowing all the same movie lines...

Francesca & Nikki

BOSS Beauticians! xo

Reconnect with your inner beauty. Treat yourself!


Brazilian born, Mari has been living in the US for 17 years. A woman who knows her worth and has no limits. As a self-proclaimed feminist, she loves to make other women feel beautiful, strong and empowered.

‘My purpose in this realm is to help women feel good in their skin. Details such as eyebrows and lashes, or just the softer feel you get after a wax can bring so much confidence.’




Molly is a certified health and wellness coach offering intuitive tarot readings and/or 12 week coaching packages to support weaving your dreams into reality. A mystic by nature, she’s explored many avenues of healing and expansion, deepening her wisdom and opening her heart to more possibilities. She holds many keys to unlock a reality where you follow your inner guidance and align with your highest timeline. 

Life coach & gem and whitening tooth fairy



Born Brazilian- Migrated American, Esther has been exploring Atlanta for 16 years. As soon as she could, she forged her way into the beauty industry. Leaving no part of aesthetics untouched, she came through with passion and power, always staying aware that her gentle touch could leave others feeling better than before.

‘I always had a thing for making people feel good about themselves’




Sarah has been in the industry for 10 years and has multiple certifications in hand tied extensions as well as color education through Toni & Guy, Redken, Eufora, and Davines!

Whether you are looking to completely change your color, add more length, or fullness to your hair, Sarah is your goto hype girl and will walk you through every step of the way. 

"I am a low maintenance and vivid color specialist that loves providing women with their dream hair."

Master hairstylist/Extension Queen/ Vivid Color Expert


Amanda, Georgia born and raised, has always appreciated the metaphysical world. She grew up around crystals and gem shows and has always been invited to step into her intuitive , free-flowing, adventurous ways.

"Creating and connecting are the two most important aspects I continue to seek. There is more behind every story and creation."

Seeking and indicating that she wanted to elevate into something more, the realm of energy healing found its way to her!

Intuitive reiki practitioner



Gabi entered the beauty world at 19 years old, unsatisfied with the traditional path after graduating, she made her way to esthetics school. She set out to become a proficient facialist, leaning towards holistic treatment of the skin with ethical, result driven skincare.

‘I realized the natural affinity facials and human connection have for each other.’

The part of facials that lights her up more than anything, is connecting with her guest and reaching a meditative state with them during the flow of the service.

‘I'm someone who wants to see a project the whole way through with optimal results. This goes for everything in my life, especially skin care.' 




Kaley is an intuitive soul coach, energy healer, and spiritual teacher. She is passionate about guiding people back to wholeness by way of the heart. She works with many modalities in her practice including Reiki, Angelic Healing, Christ Consciousness, sound healing, breathwork, and oracle card readings. She meets each session with an open heart and serves as an open vessel to support her clients in the exact way their soul needs to be supported in that moment. No two sessions are the same and every session is profoundly transformative in the best ways possible. Clients say that one healing session with Kaley is like months if not years of talk therapy. 

"I believe our single most important job is to heal ourselves. Our hearts are crying out for help, yearning to guide us with their unconditional love and infinite wisdom, and it is time that we answer their call."

inituitive soul coach & healer



Kara started her love affair with hair straight out of high school and is only growing more in love and inspired daily. Since she started out by training under 3 master stylists, Kara is supremely dedicated to evolving her industry education. Crafting new looks and developing deeper relationships with her guests is what she does!

Fashion color specialist / Short cuts



Passion. Beauty. Kindness

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

Services To Sit For

alongside loving on your hair, we can take care of your esthetic needs! anything from facials, hair removal to makeup, we have it all! 

Beauty Everywhere

We are now offering Tooth Gemming 
and teeth whitening! Check out our "teeth services" to book and learn more!

Now Offering 
Teeth Services!

Our Green-Initiative outlines our points of difference in prioritizing not only our own self-care, but the care of our planet and community in the process. We believe that we can unlearn and no longer teach the lie that the beauty industry has to leave an ugly mark on our planet.
It is our hope that other local business owners will take a similar approach and feel inspired by the way we can save natural and financial resources together and capitalize on a greener tomorrow for everyone.

At Seven Stone Collective we dedicate practices designed to promote a positive social environment to our staff artists, and clients alike. We measure our impact throughout our value chain, aiming to create and promote products with a positive environmental impact as well as a mental/emotional impact. We support the vitality and resilience of the local communities in which we live and work, increasing our positive impact on the environment and people.
Please find in the following our comprehensive plan for positive action in our space and locale, as well as our future goals as a business going green.....................................

Seven Stone Collective is 100% zero-waste

Well being for the World

Solar Power

Did you know the beauty industry contributes 877 pounds of waste every minute???? Not here. We will not open our doors without a full recycling plan in place for our planet.


for local farmers, and also natural disaster relief, oil spill cleanup


hair dryer, heating tools, ironing tools


food waste, tea bags, coffee grounds


aerosol cans, color tubes, water bottles, mirrors, scissors

Glass + Metal

packaging, magazines, product brochures, mail, newspapers

Paper + Cardboard

product packaging, water bottles, dye bottles, brushes, combs


The following materials will be recycled in our space:

Material Recycling Programs

- Annie Leonard

There is no such thing as "away". When we throw something away, it must go somewhere."

These items will either be collected in visible receptacles around the salon, taken to local facilities, (hair) will go to local farmers, or collected via a multipurpose receptacle provided by Green Circle Salons. Green Circle Salons is a service we are enrolled in that allows us to collect our hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color, paper, plastic and more. Then we simply ship all the beauty waste we’ve collected to them. They then work with their partners to turn the ‘waste’ into new products or clean energy. This guarantees our salon waste won’t end up in a landfill or a waterway, which is the only way to keep beauty beautiful!

We will diligently monitor our energy consumption. We will monitor with smart meters, smart plugs, and circuit level consumption monitors. Once we establish a baseline we will set specific reduction targets in each area of the salons necessary energy consumers.
Our heating and cooling system will come equipped with energy saving devices, automatic stand-by mode, programable thermostat, and presence sensors which all contribute to cutting environmental and financial costs. We will utilize only energy-efficient appliances in the building. Lighting accounts for 40% of most salons electrical use, and our use of LED lighting only will drop this number 75%. In addition to LED’s, our lighting will be targeted efficiently and also contain presence sensors for added reduction in use.

Energy Consumption Monitoring