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Crown Chakra

" In a bliss state, we are present to everything without being attached to anything,
 ... except for of course good hair"

The CROWN CHAKRA takes us beyond intellect, beyond intuition, beyond belief.
It’s where we connect and raise our consciousness. Let’s take care of that crown, feed your spirit, feed your head in all the best ways, find bliss.

“The joy of being present in the now”

The 7th, or CROWN CHAKRA, sits at the top of your head, radiating upward like a crown. To us, this Chakra manifests as the intention for CONNECTION.

"Life is a school where you learn to remember what your soul already knows."

(n) hair-a-pist: A scissor welding, Magic working, creative genius who touches more hearts than hair. 
They're kind of a big deal.


 $150 - 1.5 hr

Hairline/ Part Lightening, accent highlight, Gloss, Treatment, Blowout, Style

Rapid Ritual Blonding

$100 - 1hr

Wash, Suggested Treatment or Gloss, Wet Cut, Blowout, Style, Personalization

Ritual One

$50 - 45 min

Dry Style, Personalization OR Wash, Treat, Blowout OR Wash, Men’s Groom

Grooming Ritual

$0 - 30 min

Consultation Service, If you’re not sure what you need or where you are going, book with one of our artists to help find your Ritual.

Consult The Canvas

Crowns Services

$333 – 3 hr

Base Coverage-Full Dimensional, Wash, Gloss, Treatment, Wet Cut, Blowout, Style, Personalization

Ritual 333

$300 – 3 hr

Base Coverage-Soft Dimensional/No Base-Full Dimensional, Wash, Gloss, Treatment, Wet Cut, Blowout, Style, Personalization 

Ritual 3hree

$222 – 2.5 hr

Base Coverage/No Base Coverage-Partial Dimensional, Wash, Gloss, Treat, Wet Cut, Blowout, Style, Personalization

Ritual 222

$200- 2hr

Base Coverage, Wash, Gloss, Treatment, Blowout, Style, Personalization

Ritual Two

$555 - Half Day/ 5hrs

Full Change- Light to Dark/Dark to Light Color Transformation OR Color Correction + In-Salon Suggested Treatment & Take-Home Ritual

Ritual 555

Short: 2hr $200
Medium: 2.5 hr $250
Long: 3hr $350

Keratin Treatment and Dry Precision Personalization , LENGTH BASED

Smooth Stoner

Brazilian Body Treatment - $50/1.15hr
Vajacial- $30/30min
Dermaplaning- $60/1hr

Skin Care

Waxing, sugaring, threading - Price and time varies on area of body

Hair Removal

Brow Spa - $15/20min
Brow Shaping- $20/30min
brow tint- $35/30min
brow lamination- $65/1hr
Brow lift and tint- $75/1hr

Brow Design

Freestyle Set - $85/2HR
HyBrid fill - $80/1.5Hr
Volume Set - $125/2HR
Volume Fill - $90/1.5HR
Classic OR natural Set - $90/2hr
Classic or Natural fill - $70/1.5hr
Lash Tint - $35/20min
Lash lift & tint - $75/1.15hr


Beauty Services

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Please browse our offerings, find your seven stone soul stylist, and view their schedules here! If you aren't sure what you need, book a consultation with our 'Consult The Canvas' Service!

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