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Scorpio, Creative Creator, engaged entrepreneur, crazy cat lady, Rap enthusiast , foodie, fashionista, risk taker, adventure maker




FreeStyle Set

Natural Set Shorties

Volume Set

Quinn has felt pulled by the beauty industry from a very young age. Although she is young in the pursuit of her passion, she has taken this world of esthetics by storm.

With a firey fuel for knowledge moving her soul, Quinn became certified in the art of lash extensions and body sculpture in January of 2021. She began working full time and as she couldn’t get enough of her clients they couldn’t get enough of her. She remains booked out of two locations and is constantly eyeing the beauty world for more opportunities to learn more and expand her craft.

‘I love creating unique looks, enhancing what my beautiful clients already have to showcase for the world!’

Quinn strives to learn more each day about the best products and services for each individual guest she meets. Her mind is hungry for knowledge, and her hands are happy to work to make the vision of your best self match what you see in the mirror every day.

“I love that I get the opportunity to help people feel good about themselves and build their confidence. Being able to connect with each guest and help them see both their inner and outer beauty makes me forever grateful for my position in this beauty collective.”


Feet on the ground and head in the clouds, a spiritual being having a human experience. Sun seeker, moon lover, mountain climber, sea swimmer. Cat lover, Dog momma, Animal Advocate. Mother of Yara, Protector of light.




Derma Planning


Lip Blushing

Brazilian born, Mari has been living in the US for 17 years. A woman who knows her worth and has no limits. As a self-proclaimed feminist, she loves to make other women feel beautiful, strong and empowered.

My purpose in this realm is to help women feel good in their skin. Details such as eyebrows and lashes, or just the softer feel you get after a wax can bring so much confidence.’

With a motivation for innovation, Mari is always certifying herself in the latest beauty procedures. From hair removal, to cosmetic tattooing, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to looking and feeling unstoppably good and she loves to share this with her guests.


Moon child, Stargazer, Sun Lover. Dusting the world with beauty and fairy dust. Embracing the unknown, Creating and innovating with Individuality. Shinning a light for positive change. Rooted rebel with a cause.




Lash and Brow Lift and Tint

Brow Shaping and Tinting
with Brow Spa

Brazilian Wax with Mini

Born Brazilian- Migrated American, Esther has been exploring Atlanta for 16 years. As soon as she could, she forged her way into the beauty industry. Leaving no part of esthetics untouched, she came through with passion and power, aware what her gentle touch could leave others feeling better than before.

‘I always had a thing for making people feel good about themselves’

As a young mother she had the opportunity to work in a waxing center, and the more happy customers she saw the more in it she became.

‘I really wanted to do something where I would have a connection with clients while being able to help them feel better and more comfortable in their skin.’

Her journey began there and has been going for 13 years now. With expanded knowledge in waxing, spray tanning, brow and lash lifting and tinting, and henna she can take care of the hair you want to keep as well as the hair you don’t want to keep.

Esther has certifications from Infinity Sun sunless tanning, Laquer System, Ellebana Direct and Brow Code.
She’s a proud mama of 2 teenage boys, 2 cats and one dog.


Sarah has been in the industry for 10 years and has multiple certifications in hand tied extensions as well as color education through Toni & Guy, Redken, Eufora, and Davines!

Sarah is a transformative artist, for when you’re needing big change in your hair or your life.

Whether you are looking to completely change your color, add more length, or fullness to your hair she is your go to hype girl and will walk you through every step of the way. 

"I am a low maintenance and vivid color specialist that loves providing women with their dream hair."




Vivid COlors



sassy, lover of all things pink, Determined, lover to all,  Shameless, bold, fierce,

I love biscuit jelly beans candy canes I love I love. Candy canes pastry carrot cake croissant donut liquorice jelly-o. Tiramisu marshmallow jelly-o lemon drops jelly macaroon cake chocolate I love.




Lived in color

power blondes


determined, fueled with fiery passion, cancer, Badass, Empathic, fitness fiend, 

 From Utah to Atlanta and even all the way out west to Santa Monica at Vidale Sassoon's academy - Chelsea's journey has been quite something!

"After over a decade in the hair game, I can confidently say that helping people feel their best is an awesome job."

Chelsea's passion? Lived-in color of course; who doesn't love having gorgeous locks for those extra few weeks between appointments?!

"At the end of it all though, there's nothing better than seeing someone leave with pretty hair on their head and a big smile of their face! (just ask me!) 💕"

Blonde/Brunette SPecialist





Lived-IN COlor

Strong-willed, Fashionista, Family-oriented, fearless, SOcial Butterfly, Badass 

Amanda, Georgia born and raised, has always appreciated the artistic world. Searching for something to create, she discovered hair was one of the mediums that offered endless creations! She  pursued her passion and dove deeper into the hair industry and picked up the love for coloring and eventually the barbering world!

More than being able to create art within hair, Amanda enjoys creating intimate connections with anyone who crosses her path. 

"Creating and connecting are the two most important aspects I continue to seek. There is more behind every story and creation."

Seeking and indicating that she wanted to  elevate into something more, the metaphysical realm found its way to her.
Amanda is currently Usui Holy Fire® Reiki I certified and is on the way to her Reiki II certification! 
What is Reiki? "Rei" can be understood as 'universal' & "Ki" is 'life-energy'.  Reiki practitioners become vessels for this energy and assist in the flow of the healing journey. The  spiritually conscious part of this life energy offers love and compassion and guides itself to strengthen depleted energy centers of ourselves. 

"There's something more than what our eyes can see, I want to be able to experience these points and allow others to come along on the journey of discovery"

HairStylist / Barber / Reiki Practitioner 



Blondes, vivids

Men's cuts, beard work

Reiki Services

SCORPIO, FUN LOVING, RAY OF SUNSHINE, glass collector, PURPLE LOVER, WEENIE DOG OWNER, PASSIONATE, collective consciousness seeker

North-Georgia Native Sandy has always expressed her creative side through doing makeup and different hair styles on herself and her friends!

More than doing just "makeup", Sandy saw her work more as an artistic outlet- putting thought and intention behind her canvases. She loves to do everything from dramatic to soft glam looks. 

 Being a horror movie lover- she entered into the SFX realm and loves doing a spectrum of distinctive looks from scary gory looks to cute little fairies! 

"I don't do 'normal makeup', I see makeup as an outlet to change the ideal view of beauty- to shift the common beauty standard."

Going after her passion for beauty, Sandy made her way to being a master cosmetologist and found her talent in vivid colors! She realized that for herself, and for anyone who wants to spice things up, changing the hair is one of the many ways to express individuality, to reveal the unseen side of oneself.

"I want the chair to become a free and safe space for my clients. It's important for everyone to feel good about themselves and their image."

STylist / MUA



Beauty/ sfx makeup

Vivid colors

coffee lover, gemini girly,  fur baby mama, horror movie fanatic, old soul, resilient, cool cat, empathetic, adventurous free spirit,  true crime enthusiast, thrifting guru

Kenzie started doing hair once she graduated highschool and realized the typical college route wasn't for her. She wanted to do something where she could express herself and her creativity, to have freedom to work anywhere, and be able to deeply connect with people.

The world of hair found Kenzie and allowed her priorities to shine all in one place. From massive transformations or subtle changes , from extremely curly or super straight hair,  and everything in between, she doesn't shy away from any challenge!

"I've enjoyed every step of this journey and all it brings me!"

Kenzie graduated from Paul Mitchell Esani in 2019 and has worked in the Atlanta area ever since!

"I thrive on giving my clients their dream hair. I achieve this by keeping open and clear communication with my clients."

I want everyone who sits in my chair to feel like they're my bestie and feel 100% comfortable expressing their thoughts throughout our time together. I'm excited to grow my family of clients and so excited for all the beautiful babes I'll get to meet!"

Hair Artist 



Lived in Color



fiesty Pisces, food connoisseur, empath, night owl, bubbly
 For the girls, the gays and the theys <3

yoga, gatherings, artists space, education events, philanthropic fundraisers, Event Space Rentals, Reiki, Guided Meditation & Intuitive Massage.

more coming soon